Welcome to our immersive experience of 41 Water Street! Above are some pictures. The gallery will be updated from time to time to coincide with our exhibitions so check back regularly. To start your tour please choose one of the options below and sign in.

Desktop Users: Use the arrow keys to move around. To look around please move the mouse. For optimised use please click "fullscreen". Press escape if you would like to leave.

Mobile / Touch Users: Touch the bottom right or left corner to activate the virtual joysticks. Use the left joystick to move and the right joystick to look around. For optimised use please turn your device sideways.

This virtual gallery was built by the Hong Kong Arts Collective. We hope you enjoy your visit and please take the time to donate.
If you would like to set up your own virtual gallery or space and would like to know more please feel free to contact us.

Note: The gallery is still in testing and waiting for a server in Asia to be made available (updates coming in March). In the meantime please click Australia when prompted for your location. Please use the controls sparingly to reduce lag.

© The Hong Kong Arts Collective​


Photo by Daniel Murray Studio

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